Tutoriales de navegación por imágenes de Photoshop

Tutoriales de navegación por imágenes de Photoshop

Complete Guide to Browsing Photoshop Images

Learn how to zoom, rotate, and navigate your images like a professional in Photoshop with Chapter 4 of our basic Photoshop training series.

In lesson 1, you'll start with the basics of zooming and moving to Photoshop, learning all about Photoshop. Zoom toolthe Hand tool and basic Photoshop navigation commands. Then, in lesson 2, you will move from navigation to bachelor Image to learn how to enlarge and scroll multiple images at once.

Lesson 3 discusses the Photoshop browser dashboard and why it's a fantastic way to keep track of your image when it's enlarged. And lesson 4, you will learn how to scroll an image at any zoom level using a new option in Photoshop CC known as Overscroll.

Birds Eye View is an amazing but hidden feature to Photoshop that allows you to instantly jump from one part of an image to another. You will learn the secret trick to using Birds Eye View in lesson 5. And if you've ever drawn with a pencil, you know that turning paper can make the job easier. Lesson 6 shows how you can do the same for your image using Photoshop's Rotate View tool. And finally, in lesson 7, we'll collect all the essential tips, tricks, and shortcuts to navigate images like a professional in Photoshop.

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01. Zoom and pan images in Photoshop

In this first lesson, you'll learn the basics of image navigation, starting with viewing and changing the zoom level from the document window. From here, you'll learn all about Photoshop's display modes, such as zooming in with the Zoom tool, scrolling through images with the hand tool, and much more.

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03. How to use the browser panel to Photoshop

As the name suggests, Photoshop's Navigator dashboard was created to navigate images. In this third lesson, you'll learn where you'll be able to find the browser dashboard, how to use it to zoom in and scroll through photos, and why the browser dashboard is great for tracking the location of the image when zoomed in.

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Have you completed all the lessons in this chapter? Congratulations! It's time to move on to chapter 5 – How to resize images in Photoshop! Or for more chapters and for our latest tutorials, check out our Photoshop Basics section.

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