Free Fabric Style Textures for Photoshop

Texturas de estilo de tela gratis para Photoshop

It may be too early to make the complete change of seasons, but some winter clothing may have already been placed at the bottom of the closet to make room for lighter, more colorful fabrics. With the new season, good intentions are made, new goals are set, habits are changed, spring cleaning is done to make way for new things.

Why not do the same with our projects? Place the old textures at the bottom of the drawer and leave room for the new ones. You don't even have to go shopping because we have found 30 of them created with Photoshop, free and quality.

  1. A rich set provided with free textures in the style of fabric to put even more creativity in our work.

A rich set provided with free textures in the style of fabric to put even more creativity in our work.

Fabric textures

In the preview image you will read 100 models Because the package consists of 100 items, but among these, only 30 are free.

To download these free textures in fabric style, simply click on the title or preview image and, on the new page, click on the "Download free version" button. By following the assistant, you will share a post on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter (the choice of social network is at your discretion) and that's it.

These are free resources ready to be resized and processed, with a program like Photoshop. Whether you want to learn Photoshop, delve into it, or just familiarize yourself with the basics, we have a section dedicated to this software in ours. #TutorialTv: These are free video episodes that you can watch from any type of device (computer, smartphone or tablet).

FILE Create a vintage-style poster in Photoshop

Have you opened the free resource cabinets and there is still room? Don't worry, we'll fill it up right away! We underline 100 Free textures also for commercial purposes is Over 200 free building textures for Photoshop. You will find a lot of material in high resolution, quality and for all tastes.

Good design!

404-509-the-tool-penLearning and mastering vector drawing is really important for those who work in the design and editing of photographs, so we need to know the tools that allow us to improve and elevate our work.

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