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Paragraphs of Photoshop text

* Updated December 2020 *
Often in Photoshop we use the Text tool to click only once to add a few words or lines to an image.

While this is a quick and easy way to work with a small amount of text, it's not great if you want to make longer paragraphs and have full control over your layout.

In this short tutorial, I will show you how to make paragraphs or blocks of text using the Text tool in Photoshop.

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  1. How to add a paragraph of text in Photoshop
  2. How to edit text paragraphs in Photoshop
    1. How to resize the text box
    2. Change text alignment in Photoshop
    3. Get a free printable sheet to print on the Photoshop toolbar

How to add a paragraph of text in Photoshop

1. Open or create an image to which you want to add a paragraph of text.

I'm using this picture of three pears. You can download this photo of Clem Onojeghuo from Unsplash.

1- Photo by Pears-by-Clem-Onojeghuo

2. Select the Text tool from the toolbar or click T.

We'll configure the type options using the Character panel. If the character panel is not visible on your screen, choose Ventana> Personaje.

2 - Photoshop character panel

I'm using Century as a font, set the Size to 12 points, Drive to Auto, Track to 0 and Color to White.

3. Click the Paragraph tab to advance to the Paragraph panel and click the Last Left Justify button.

3 - Photoshop paragraph panel

4. With the Text tool selected, click and drag a rectangular canopy over the image, below the three pears.

This creates a text box in which your text will flow.

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4 - Add a Photoshop text box

Photoshop automatically adds a dummy Lorem Ipsum text to the text box.

You can start typing on top of that text, or if you copy any text from another document or web page, press Ctrl + V (Windows) or Cmd + V (Mac) to paste the text you copied into the text box.

Your text will now flow smoothly through the text box because you selected it Justified in the paragraph palette.

5 - Paragraph type added

How to edit text paragraphs in Photoshop

Once the text is in the text box, you can use the Move tool to drag it to the desired location in the image. How do you edit and change the text inside the box?

1. To change the text within the text box, you need to select it first. You can select text in some ways. First, select the Text tool from the toolbar (T)

  • Click once to place the cursor where you want in the text and drag to highlight. All highlighted text has been selected and you can now make changes to the character pane.
  • Double-click to select a word, three clicks to select an entire sentence, four clicks to select an entire paragraph, or five clicks to select ALL text in the text box.

Once the text is selected, use the character pane or options bar at the top of the interface to change the formatting.

6 - Type of editing in the paragraph

I changed the font of the text to Robot, the size to 16, brought it to 18 (amount of space between lines) and changed the color to cream.

To confirm changes to the text, click the check mark on the options bar or click any other tool on the toolbar.7 - Type of confirmation in Photoshop

FILE Flipping a pattern

How to resize the text box

To resize the box containing the text, select the Text tool again and click anywhere within the text box. You'll see eight handles: four in the corners and one in the middle on each side. When you move the cursor over any of these handles, the cursor changes to a double arrow.

8 - Handles in the corners of the text box

Click and drag to resize the box in any direction.

9 - Changed text box size in Photoshop

Note that the text automatically adjusts when we resize the box.

In this case, we get a justified alignment throughout the text with the only last line aligned to the left.

Change text alignment in Photoshop

You can change the alignment of paragraph text in Paragraph panel.

10 - Photoshop paragraphs panel

Other options in the Photoshop panel include indenting the left or right paragraph.

Indent the first line of the paragraph or add space before or after the paragraph.

Remember to make the cursor flash inside a paragraph or highlight a paragraph before any of these options take effect.

This is how we can create paragraph text and control how it appears in Photoshop.

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