Adobe Spark: a new arrival!

Adobe Spark: ¡una nueva llegada!

A valuable new entry into the world of Adobe: Adobe Spark, an integrated system, a set of tools, to create stories of high impact, easily and for free. This program brings together communication tools also usable by those who do not have particular graphic or video skills. It is aimed at small businesses, students or anyone who needs to communicate on the web and social networks, with the mission of capturing the attention of the public.

  1. Let's look at Adobe Spark in detail

Let's look at Adobe Spark in detail

With simple tools, Spark can create highly professional content intuitively.

Spark or "spark", is a unique content project, es tanto una aplicación web, es un conjunto de tres aplicaciones de iOS:

Brilliant Mensaje which is used to create attractive posts and graphics for social media: resize and transform your social feed in seconds Internal functions derived from programs such as Photoshop and InDesign, allow you to make changes to graphics by simply clicking on boots.

Página de Spark le permite combinar texto y gráficos y crear historias para la web, una verdadera plataforma de edición web simplificada.

Video of chispa which is a tool to create animated videos, choose theme, images, icons and text, you can also choose and insert soundtrack or your recorded voice.

Connoisseurs will know that these applications are not an absolute novelty for those familiar with Adobe for iOS, in fact they were already present in theApp stores such as Adobe Post, Adobe Slate, and Adobe Voice. The developers have given them a makeover, with new features. There is also one #SparkMade Gallery which highlights some of the jobs created by users. Finally, the content created can be shared quickly and easily, and yesit automatically syncs from your iOS device to your computer.

Please note that the service is completely free, but for theusage requires signing in with Adobe ID or a Google or Facebook account.

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