80 spray brushes for Photoshop

80 pinceles en aerosol para Photoshop

The street art that is also offered in digital art could be an interesting solution, but it is not the only useful use that can be given to it. 80 spray brushes for Photoshop. In particular, we offer below two types of "aerosols" that give completely different effects.
In particular, the first game, composed of 30 free brushes, represents not only the classic splash of an aerosol can, but also the drops, the smears, typically used to change the atmosphere by charging it with anguish. Yes, because this effect resembles that of drops of blood. Therefore, they could be used to complement the text and imbue the design with an immediately perceptible tension. It is clear that this scene should be further amplified by using, for example, the right font and certainly the right colors.

A font that works well to achieve this kind of effect could be this one (downloadable for free by simply clicking on the photo below):

Of course, this might not be the only solution to use, but to create something nuanced, simply undefined and maybe even with a romantic twist, it would be better to use the second package offered. With this second pack consisting of 50 brushes (always free), you can create interesting backgrounds but also text fills.

Here's a Possible use of this second category of brushes:


  1. 80 spray brushes for Photoshop:

80 spray brushes for Photoshop:

Comme déjà mentionné, ce sont deux packs distincts, l'un composé de 50 pinceaux et l'autre composé de 30. Les deux packages sont téléchargeables gratuitement et vous pouvez également les utiliser à des fins commerciales, il suffit de mentionner l'auteur dans el proyecto. To download them, simply click on the preview image below (or the title) which will open a new page where you will need to click on the correct download button.

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So here are the overviews of the most mentioned packages:


80 spray brushes for Photoshop


80 spray brushes for Photoshop

To understand all the possibilities of use that you have at your disposal, we recommend that you consult the two video courses dedicated to Photoshop masks that you can find in the section cousin of our site

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