5 platforms to find work online

5 plataformas para encontrar trabajo online

The publication of works online is the new source of research, especially for the self-employed. Until a few years ago, it was enough to send a CV, accompanied by a cover letter, to the email addresses of companies in the sector to calm the heart. Later came the era of emails. Today more stamps and, increasingly, more emails, but the supply and demand for jobs – in outsourcing – are found on the web and on social networks. The crisis that hit our country, like many others, has also strongly influenced the management and organization of work. So much so that few companies, companies or companies can afford to digitally integrate their staff. And then, more and more often, we use external resources that are located on the network. For these reasons, it is essential, if you are looking for a job, to be familiar with the platforms that offer you this opportunity. Learn how to use them, whether you're young with little experience or a professional with years of hard work behind you. In the first case you can stand out and in the second you can expand your client portfolio.

But be careful! When you venture into the web, there's always a risk of selling your skills if you're not familiar with the sites and how they work. Thus losing their professionalism. That's why today we offer you 5 platforms that you can use in your job search.

  1. Find your job online

Find your job online

It is a platform founded by a young Australian entrepreneur Matt Barrie. It is used in 240 countries, 30,000 Italian companies registered in it. Most applications come from abroad, especially from English-speaking countries. Often, companies that hire their employees replace Freelancer on LinkedIn. Registration on the online job search site is free, but you pay a small percentage (ranging from 3% to 10%) for each accepted offer.

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The platform originated in Germany and is one of the most widely used in Europe for online job search in IT and web services. The client publishes an application with a large budget and the various offers of the consultants are received. Also in this case, the basic registration for professionals is free. You pay for the result.

The platform works just like those listed above. The difference is that it doesn't have the Italian interface. It focuses on finding collaborators for small projects mainly in the IT field.

The platform is mainly dedicated to those working in the field of construction, architecture and, although to a lesser extent, business services. The goal is to provide customers with four or five quotes. Free registration, you pay so that the advertiser's contacts are interested in the quote.

It works like the previous platform and is especially aimed at the world of architecture and design. Registration is free.

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